Monday, March 16, 2015

Over the weekend


  It's been a while that we have to deal with this tiny cockroaches in our kitchen. Came from outside, they have introduce themselves since we first moved into the house. By then they don't look that threatening at all.

  A dear friend did warn me about the pain in the ass this creature could create. But I was soo lazy to even take note about it. She told me to close the hole under the front door to prevent them from coming in. I don't even bother to scrap a cloth to stuff it in. So, Pn. No'a.. I sudah kena.. hahaha.. padan muka I.

  This creature really sneaks in and goes into the kitchen cupboard and make themselves really comfortable in our clean pot and warm stove. Sigh.. sure do they really, seriously invade our kitchen.

   Finally, we are all running out of patience. My husband did all the demolition activities at first. He throws everything out from the kitchen cabinets and emptied every single racks at the bottom kitchen.. He races every cockroaches with a hot boilt water in his hand.. hihihi.. I know its so cruel.. but we have been taken over by fear.. huhuhu.. I can no longer cook in peace. So this must go on..

   After emptying the cabinets, he wiped every surface with lemongrass concentrated. A dear close friend Sarah Iskhak even lend me her Baygone cockroaches repellent.. hahhaha. (Thanks a million darling). And then we left everything just like that for a few days.. 

   While starting to organize back the kitchen I almost forgot to snap some photo to share it here in my blog. Love to show the messy kitchen during the emptying process. Hihihi..

  Alright later Ill show you the organizing process in my next blog. ^_^

Friday, March 13, 2015

Years passes by.. and here I am..

Dear blog,

 Dengan iringan rindu dan dendam kini mak kembali dengan mood dan gelaran baru. Mak gelar diri mak, Che' Ra sekarang ahaks.. feeling feeling Diva ala ala Che'Ta.. anyway memang cun anaknyer ngan Zain tu.. Che'Ra admire sangat.. ^_^..

 Ok, kenapa Che'Ra lama menyepi? Sebab Che'Ra pon ada baby baru...!! and he's a boii!! So, Che'Ra memerlukan seluruh kuderat untuk melayannyer.. hehe.. sekarang dia dah hero, jalan pon mendada jer. Dia dah semakin sibuk. Bijak mewujudkan peluang pekerjaan.. tapi pekerjanya sorang jer iaitu Che'Ra.. huhuhu
So, Che'Ra sorry sangat sangat. Bukan tak sayang tau...

 Dalam diam Che'Ra dah tak leh sangat nak melayan hobi hobi Che'Ra yang ada.. memang rindu sangat dengan baby baby yang rajin tempah tudung Arissa dari Che'Ra tau..dah lah Che'Ra baru beli mesen jait tepi. Sob sob sob.. tak leh nak menjait pulak. Pasal Telekung Instant Neira(TIN) kita semua dah sedia maklum telah diserahkan urusannya dengan HelizaHelmi dan dikenali sebagai Heliza Instant Telekung (HIT).

 So practically Che'Ra memang dok melayan hero yang sorang ni lah.. melayan lebih sebagai jaga.. bukan macam bidadari bidadari gittew keyh.. macam jaga tu macam, kena pastikan persekitaran selamat untuk dia bermain.. bangun tidur pastikan dia makan.. mandi, tukar pampers, kain baju bersih.. dsbnya.. satu lagi dia ni ada satu tabiat macam menabung di kemudian hari.. Che'Ra akui ia satu praktis yang bagus tapi lain sikitlah.. bukan time makan rasa macam sedap sajer jer buang kat lantai untuk dia kutip balik makan kemudian.. haish.. bijak bayi kan.. jangan ingat Che'Ra tak leh baca auta tu.. huhuhu

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Smart kidz exhibition @PWTC

Dear blog,
Yesterday was a day for Afiqah.. we went the whole day at the exhibition just to wait to take a picture of her and Dora. Phew!! It was quite a long day for parents but its worth the effort. Our little gems was happy as she mentioned. ^_^..

Jubah Ggirl

Ya Allah!! 3 hari 3 malam mak tunggu gambar anak dara ni uolls!!! Baby favourate DHC  Baby Hawa dengan jubah redeem 30% winners price dier... subhanallah...She is toooo sweet!! Kat peminat peminat Baby Hawa, saper yg nak buat tempahan tu.. sekali lagi mak nak ingatkan. Bagi ukuran bbtul tau.. kalau nak baby anda memakai jubah Ggirl sechomel ni. ^_^...Kalau salah ukur kami tak mampu nak bertanggungjawab. *wink wink*.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Dear geng,

There is new girl in town!!!! but its for boys too....
great eyh.?!

Stemtech AFA ExtractTM, is the world's first all-natural supplement documented to support the release of adult stem cells from bone marrow. This beauty is clinical study as extraordinary supplement increased the number of circulating adult stem cells by approximately 3-4 million. hihihi.. that is the cut and paste definitions. Well,  its very good for replacing the dead cells or any part of the body that dont have enough cells. So those who have wringkles can very the try this... very the good you know... hehe.. anyway, not just for the beauty sake. This beauty is very good for any kind of recovery needs. For about rm260/month this angel can fix you up inside out.

Dear geng,

Last week I went to the launching for DermaStem a product of health that to be consumed from the outside by rubbing it to your skin. It the only skin supliment that can be consume directly on to the skin. its not a mosturisor like most are its actually a supliment litterally. Cool huh?! 

more testimonials to come.. dont forget to keep on reading..

Dear geng,

I'm tottally sold to the product, seeing everyone that comes up to the stage of course their own distributors and their SKIN. Awe my gaaadd... I just got to try it. Well anyway I can be convinced very easy so I decided to try... sigh.. as to share the experionce with everyone lets join me and try to see the difference that will happend to me. This weekend I will be getting the product for myself. hehehe.. then I will upload the picture of me before consuming it. So.... cherio!!!

Owh by the way, for those who like to study about the product or perhaps trying to purchase one for themselves can do so at the StemTech International website.


Friday, August 12, 2011

HIT (Heliza Instant Telekung) by Heliza Helmi Hijab designed by Ira Raneiare

order code : HIT (Heliza Instant Telekung)
any enquiry & pre-order please send email to :
length : 72", material : Cotton Wool

RM 280.00 FREE POSTAGE (Within Malaysia) (HIT)
- Hijab + Long Skirt
RM 110.00 FREE POSTAGE (Within Malaysia) (Blouse)