Wednesday, May 20, 2009

About Us

We have been doing this family business since my parents got divorced and this is how my mom raised us beside some money that our father gave every month. Those days my brother, sister and I use to sell it at school and my mom sells it at work. We got ourselves a few ringgit to keep our lives moving. And today this blog was created to market my family artwork. Especially my mom's, she is a real artist.. she was in this field since I was born.. and that was almost thirty years ago. She took classes when we were in England to accompany my father, taking his degree in engineering.

So, she is well experienced in knitting, crocheting, baking pies, cakes and itallian food. As she is more interested in handywork, she sold a lot of handycraft instead of food. I had thought of renting a shop in our hometown but it would be a bit difficult as I'm living here in Kuala Lumpur with my dear husband... So I decided to open up a blog instead to market our work.

I hope everyone will enjoy themselves wondering around our blog to see our artwork. If anyone keen enough perhaps they could email us to order some of our artwork for their particular ocassions as everything sells here is one of a kind.

Somewhere in the future if anyone would be interested to take some art courses we will be gladly to conduct a training class. We will inform everyone when the class will be conducted.

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