Saturday, November 27, 2010

Little Soft Launch for our exclusive Telekung Instant Neira (TIN) with our introducing price RM 88 /set


Errr... I am not very good in essay speeches. First I would like to say syukur alhamdullillah.. thanks to Allah for giving me this idea. This is a great honoured to me. I believe that this TIN will become the easiest outfit for solat and can be trendy in the same time (with the permission of Allah).

Simple, easy and can be shaped according to the owner needs and comfortableness. The fabric is made from a quality lite and breezy t shirt material, not a see through so it would be perfect for solat and nice to wear around. After a solat it could be twist, wrap or turn it into a nice shawl, semi cardigan or use as a cloak as in the red riding hood. hihi..

Errr... thank you and please scrol along on few ways of how to wear the TIN.. have fun!! . InsyaAllah TIN could help those to carry their responsibility towards Allah S.W.T. but still where there are wants there are ways and the concent of Allah S.W.T.


trrrrrrrr td td td tadaaa!!!! HEAR I PRESENT THE EXCLUSIVE TELEKUNG INSTANT NEIRA THE TIN!!!!!!!! piung! piung! piung! tebabooomm!!!!!

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