Friday, February 18, 2011

Colour Pallete

Plenty of vibrant colours to choose up from... have fun!!(click picture for clear image)

Available stock

TIN --> 3,19
IRP --> 1,3,8
TAB --> 1,8,16,17,19,21,24
TAK --> 3,4,8,13,16,17,21
TAS --> 1,3,4,16,17,24
TAM --> 19

Product code
TIN- Telekung Instant Neira
TINS- Telekung Instant Neira Swarovski
TIN/S- Telekung Instant Neira with skirt
IRP- Inner Raisha Plain
IRS- Inner Raisha Swarovski
TAB- Tudung Arissa Baby
TAK- Tudung Arissa Kakak
TAS- Tudung Arissa S
TAM- Tudung Arissa M
TAL- Tudung Arissa L
SE- Shawl Eisharra
SIE- Shawl Instant Eisharra
HAA- Handkerchief Abi dan Abrar

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