Friday, February 25, 2011

Tudung Arissa Baby (TAB),Tudung Arissa Kakak(TAK)

Tudung Arissa baby Rm15
Tudung Arissa baby - face 16'', chest 5'', back 12''
Tudung Arissa Kakak Rm20
Tudung Arissa kakak - ukuran face 16'', chest 7", back 15''
convinient usage as an inner for shawl/veil.
Can wear by itself. Light weighted, cool and breezy. Definitely comfortable, guaranteed.
Additional Rm10 for Swarovski designs.
Maybank a/c:158172833201 SIRANEINORA ZAMRI
excluding postage of Rm6 for peninsular Malaysia

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Tudung Arissa Baby(TAB)

Tudung Arissa Kakak(TAK)

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  1. Salam sis,
    nak tanya tudung baby ni masih boleh order ke?