Friday, December 21, 2012

Dear geng,

There is new girl in town!!!! but its for boys too....
great eyh.?!

Stemtech AFA ExtractTM, is the world's first all-natural supplement documented to support the release of adult stem cells from bone marrow. This beauty is clinical study as extraordinary supplement increased the number of circulating adult stem cells by approximately 3-4 million. hihihi.. that is the cut and paste definitions. Well,  its very good for replacing the dead cells or any part of the body that dont have enough cells. So those who have wringkles can very the try this... very the good you know... hehe.. anyway, not just for the beauty sake. This beauty is very good for any kind of recovery needs. For about rm260/month this angel can fix you up inside out.

Dear geng,

Last week I went to the launching for DermaStem a product of health that to be consumed from the outside by rubbing it to your skin. It the only skin supliment that can be consume directly on to the skin. its not a mosturisor like most are its actually a supliment litterally. Cool huh?! 

more testimonials to come.. dont forget to keep on reading..

Dear geng,

I'm tottally sold to the product, seeing everyone that comes up to the stage of course their own distributors and their SKIN. Awe my gaaadd... I just got to try it. Well anyway I can be convinced very easy so I decided to try... sigh.. as to share the experionce with everyone lets join me and try to see the difference that will happend to me. This weekend I will be getting the product for myself. hehehe.. then I will upload the picture of me before consuming it. So.... cherio!!!

Owh by the way, for those who like to study about the product or perhaps trying to purchase one for themselves can do so at the StemTech International website.


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